Passwd chat usage ?

Ricardo Stella stella at
Thu Jan 20 19:57:39 GMT 2000

Could someone explain a little bit the following ?  I'm not sure if it's
something wrong, or I'm using it wrong.

I configured:

unix password sync = True
passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u

As far as I understand, passwd is being called as root.  But it seems
that it does not pass the old password (since as root, it won't expect

But I'm also using pam and the passwd calls are done to an ldap server. 
Then passwd requires the old password.

I tried several combinations of passwd chat but it does not seem to

So, can the above be accomplished ?  If not, then...

As I see it, once unix sych is turned off (and encryption is turned on)
smbpasswd will only update itself and won't call passwd anymore.  Is
there any way it can still call passwd (ie have encryption on but still
synchronize ?)

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