Removing the user account from the smbpasswd file

Robinson, Mike MRobinson at
Thu Jan 20 14:27:58 GMT 2000

	>My issue is when I try to create a UNIX and SAMBA account using the
	>user ID.
	>UNIX will create this user and the uid of this user is likely to be
	>difference from the previous creation.
	>SAMBA will create this user using the uid of this user.
	>This means that there are two similar user ID with difference uid
in the
	>smbpasswd file.  So when the user tries to login from the NT W/S,
the NT
	>prompt is that the user had been disable.  
	>How can I physically remove this user ID from the smbpasswd file
when I
	>delete this user.

	Can I make the suggestion that you leave the users on the system?
Just disable / lock the accounts but leave them on the system. This
obviously would not be a good idea if you have a large number of users in
the system, or a lot of users needing to be added or removed regularly.

	Two reasons for this suggestion:

	1)	The new user doesn't inherit ownership of files which were
previously owned by an old (removed) user.

	2)	It is very clear who owns particular files on the server,
and these files can be reassigned to a different user at a later date.
Better than the owners being a list of UIDs!


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