Can't get into share

Lars Kneschke lk at NetUSE.DE
Thu Jan 20 12:26:27 GMT 2000

> It appears I have things set up. Linux (RH6.1) box is running samba and
> I'm trying to access shares from my 98 box.
> >From Network Neighborhood I can see the linux bo listed with the other LAN
> boxes.
> If I d-click to open the smb box, I DO get a folder withthe share name in
> explorer. Then, if I try to open that folder (share) it asks for a
> password for resource \\MACHINE\SHARE
> I enter my password for the linux box, but it says it's incorrect.
> The share name is the same as my login name for both the linux box and the
> 98 box, though I don't have a password set up for the 98 box.
> The security option is set to USER, yes to encrypt passwords.
> What can I try to get past this hurdle.
> Looking at "DIAGNOSING YOUR SAMBA SERVER" and trying 'net use x:
> \\machine\share prompts for the passwrd with the same results.
Have you add the user with smbpasswd?

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