Odd Question

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Wed Jan 19 18:19:55 GMT 2000

[Johnny L Wales]
> This machine -does- show up in NT's infernal 'Network Neighborhood'
> browser as 'Mail'. However, when I attempt to access it, NT pops up a
> little window asking me for my username/password.

I believe you have to have a smbpasswd file if you want to use
user-mode security (the default).  If you don't already have one you
will need to create one, and populate it with local entries.

> [root at mail samba]# smbclient '\\Mail\\monkey' -I -Ujohnny

smbclient, a sensible program, allows you to use forward-slashes to
help with shell quoting annoyances (also note that NetBIOS names are
not case-sensitive):

  smbclient //mail/monkey -U johnny

The simple solution to your password file thing is just to authenticate 
against an NT domain controller, if you already have one anyway.

  security = domain
  password server = <your domain controller>


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