Compile Options for Slackware 7.0??

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Wed Jan 19 11:23:24 GMT 2000


I have the v2.0.5a that comes with Slackware 7.0 working, but as soon as I
uninstall that, and compile v2.0.6 from scratch, it does not work...I just
get loads of wierd errors in the log.smb file...

All I can think, is I need to use some special compile options for Slackware

I just unpacked the tgz and did:
make install

cd /usr/local/samba/bin
testparm		<-- this worked fine!
smbd -D
nmbd -D

I can see the machine on the network but can not connect to it.....then
after that, there are loads of error messages int he config file (see
earlier post..)

Does anyone have any ideas of what compile options I need to do????

Thanks in Advance!!

Bye for Now,


Ian Chilton

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