byte locking bug?

Jon Mitchell jrm at
Tue Jan 18 16:23:32 GMT 2000

I'm having trouble with file locking in DOS over Samba.  The trouble is
Samba seems to be translating my lock request to a different range.  
Samba server is a linux box running 2.0.5a and clients are win95 or win98.  
The win32 call that I'm making to lock the file is called LockFile.  We
use this regularly, and lock a byte just before the 2GB range.  

We attempt to put a lock on the byte 0x7ffffff0 from one of the clients,
however when we run a UNIX program that reveals where the lock was put on
the file it indicates that the lock was put at 0x3ffffff0.  This same
program works correctly with a number of win95 NFS clients against linux
and other UNIX's NFS servers.

Is this a bug or a feature?  I thought I read something about samba
translating lock requests from DOS due to UNIX using a signed bit for
locking, but I wasn't sure if that was related or not.  What I need is for
UNIX clients and DOS clients to be able to access this file at the same
time using this type of locking.

Jon Mitchell
Systems Engineer, Subject Wills and Company
jrm at

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