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Tue Jan 18 08:36:50 GMT 2000

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000 05:01:40 +1100, hai scritto:

>The Samba 1.9.16p11 is installed on Solaris 2.7 and works well with win95/98. 
>The folders of Solaris can be mapped as a remote drive on a win95.
>However, when win95 is replaced by winNT4.0 the same Samba no longer works.
>  It displays following message when I try to map a solaris folder to a win drive. 
>"The account is not authorizeded to login from this station".  I try to add
You should upgrade at least to 1.9.18p10, if not to 2.0.6.

This could be a password encryption problem; however you should have the
same problem with win98 machines (unless you used the registry hack).
So, try applying the reg file for nt password encryption you find in the
samba docs; I think 1.9.16 didn't support encrypted passwords so you
cannot enable them on samba.

Look at the samba log for possible error messages when the nt box try to

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