additional authentication box in Windows 2000 RC2

vincent kuo vincentkuo at
Tue Jan 18 07:25:10 GMT 2000

Dear sir:
  There was one problem which bothered me for a long time.
  I used the Red Hat 5.2 with kernel 2.0.36 (gcc and samba-2.0.3,
samba-2.0.5a for a period of time. The Linux was treated as the Samba server.
All of the file/printer sharing from the Linux samba server to the MS-Windows
95/98/NT clients are OK. It only got problem in the Windows 2000 (since Beta3)
as the client. The Samba server always let the windows 2000 appear a error
message. ("The remote procedure call fail.." I saw another mail discussed this
problem in the mail list.) But this problem doesn't exist when I use Red Hat
Linux 6.0/6.1 with samba-2.0.5a/samba-2.0.6. ----> But I want the solution in
Red Hat 5.2 (Kernel 2.0.36) with the samba and windows 2000.

  Fortunately, I download the latest samba-2.0.6 from the samba ftp site:
  to get the newest source RPM and I can rebuild it as a RPM under Red Hat
5.2. After I install this RPM, it could solve the problem which bother me for
a long time.

  All of the file sharing is OK. I can use the Samba Resource NOW!
  --> But, I found one problem in this version. All of the file sharing
  actions are OK. But if the windows 2000 client start to use the samba shared
printer, it will appear one popup box "You must enter the password to use this
printer "" username:______, password:______". But the security
check had already passed when I used the file sharing. (I could access all of
the shared files.) And whatever I keyin the username and password, this
message continue appear. It seems take no effect when I keyin the
  I can click "cancel" to disappear the box and continue my printing job. It's
OK. But the popup box always appear when I print a job. Even though I change
to another windows 98's printer, this message still appear while I print. But
if I power down the samba server, this message won't appear anymore.
  --> I think that might be the samba send some packets to let the windows
2000 appear that security check box. (although the current printer in not the
samba server one)

  I wish this is not a bug but a configuration mistake. If there anything I
could help, don't feel bother to ask me. Thanks. Waiting for any

---->  My Linux Version: Red Hat 5.2 with kernel 2.0.36
       Samba Version: RPM install force from 2.0.5a to 2.0.6
                      (2.0.6 can solve the problem in windows 2000)
       Windows 2000 Version: RC2 Chinese

  Best Regards

Vincent Kuo

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