OT: printer accounting, setup

Ed Schernau ed at schernau.com
Mon Jan 17 19:27:56 GMT 2000

I've got a Lexmark laser printer (PCL and PS) that has a
little LCD screen, which one can place commands on using
a printer setup page composed of @PJL commands.
I've got the print command defined in smb.conf as follows:
lpr -PIBMLaser /etc/printsetup ; lpr -r -PIBMLaser %s ; \
	lpr -PIBMLaser /etc/printfinish

printsetup issues some commands that place some info
on the screen, and printfinish resets them.

My problem is: sometimes I get 2 copies of my pages.
Any ideas?  Is there something with the -r option in
lpr that I'm missing, or...?

Sorry for the OT post, but was hoping someone might
shed some light...

Ed Schernau
ed at schernau.com

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