Newbie help: Samba 2.0.3 & SCO 5.0.5

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Mon Jan 17 18:50:21 GMT 2000

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000 04:05:12 +1100, hai scritto:

>the passwd is incorrect when I enter it. It also displays
>"Resource:\\Sco_sv\IPC$" on the box that asks for a passwd.
This is due to password encryption, read ENCRYPTION.txt in the samba
docs. Basically, either 1) enable encryption on samba or 2) disable it
on win98. #1 is better.

>Also when I try to run :"smbclient -L sco_sv -N" I get:
>Added interface .....
>Got a positive name query response from ....
>session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password
>pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)
Weird. See if you specified a valid "guest account" in smb.conf. Try
guest account = ftp

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