Files and printer sharing at Win 9x and Win NT Workstation

Karina Paez Klatt karina at
Mon Jan 17 11:10:21 GMT 2000

Hi Guys,
I'm having some problems with my domain, I'm running Samba at a Debian
Box as PDC for a Win NT Workstation Lab, a Win95 Lab and some W98
boxes.  I also run Samba in Solaris 2.6 , the both work just fine, but I
can't share printers, disks, or files, since I can't see the users list.
(this happens with the both: Solaris'Samba  and the Debian's Samba).
If I try to share resources at W. NT workstations, I can see some users,
but not all of them, just 10 or 15, no more, and they are more than 200!

Any ideas?

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