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Daniel Chojecki boka at
Sat Jan 15 23:19:44 GMT 2000

Hi !

>>Is there any way that users can change theirs passwords not by logging into
>>server. ?
>>I`m mean like to use some app or something.
>>We dont use NT - just win98 boxes.
>>The probblem is that i dont give them shell.
>Here's a way (maybe not the only one):
>if you usa samba as pdc, and tell win9x to access the samba domain, then
>the win9x can change their samba password with the control panel
>password applet.
>See damba docs for how to do it.

giulioo at

Thanks for your help

But i can only change password for win box - i mean using a control panel ...
I want to change the password on the server

I`ve tried to change /bin/bash to /usr/bin/smbpasswd
but i got the message that changing password rejected to

so thats the problem i think
i`ve already read all the faqs and i still dont know more than before :-)



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