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Herb Lewis herb at
Sat Jan 15 23:00:17 GMT 2000

Henning Sprang wrote:
> Hello People,
> I am experiencing some weird Problems using samba on a linux server that is
> supposed to connect the windows an Macintosh world in our production team.
> So far everything works fine - i've set up a directory called "comon" that
> is accessible from almost every Windwos workstation and almost every user.
> The problem is "almost". There is actually one user, that is unable to
> connect to the given directory on the samba server. This directory is
> common and accessible to every user - when i log in as "gast" or any other
> name on any of the windows machines and chose the samba server in network
> neighborhood, i directly see the "common" directory, without any problems,
> and without beeing asked for any password. But then when i try to log in on
> the windows machine as user "sven", i cannot get to the "common" directory
> on the samba server - when i chose the samba server in network
> neighborhood, i directly get asked for a "password
> for  //sambaserver/IPC$"  - which i don't have, and anything i type in is
> wrong. None of the other users which i have no problems with has an account
> on the Linux machine - and all of them work on the same machines where it
> doesn't work with the "sven" account.
> What am i doing wrong?

You are running in Plain Text Password mode. Are you sure there is an
entry in the /etc/password file for "sven"? If this only happens on 
one machine (that is always used by "sven"), you need to apply the
plain text password registry update on that machine.
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