Questions on "level2 oplocks"

Steve Snyder swsnyder at
Sat Jan 15 22:13:34 GMT 2000

Mind if I ask a few questions about the Samba (v2.0.6) "level2
oplocks" parameter?  I am running Samba on a Linux (v2.2.14) box.

1. The online doc suggests that this feature, new in v2.0.5 and
disabled by default, could use some testing.  Any opinions on the
stability of "level2 oplocks" in v2.0.6?

2. In describing the functionality of this feature, the online doc 
refers to WinNT by name.  Does that mean that only WinNT can take 
advantage of this, or is this just shorthand for any client?  What I 
really want to know is if my Linux/Win98/OS2 clients will benefit from
the use of the "level2 oplocks".

Thank you.

*** Steve Snyder ***

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