Int21h handling under samba

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Fri Jan 14 21:12:38 GMT 2000

If you think this message is more appropriate for samba-technical, let me
know. I thought I'd try the general list first.

I recently replaced a Novell Netware file/print server with Redhat Linux
6.1(Kernel 2.2.12) running Samba 2.0.5a-12 installed from the RPMS on the
Redhat disc. The clients are all Windows 95 workstations. Everything works

My client is a law firm and they use an old piece of DOS software called
Matlaw. The software creates a subdirectory for each client, and populates
it with "form" and "template" files, as the user creates the documents.
Long story short - since moving to the Samba server, Matlaw works, but
doesn't show all of the form and template files that are created in its
Forms menu. I.E. if you create a client called "Bob" and then create "Form
1" "Form 2" "Form 3", when you look at the Forms menu for Bob, you only see
Form1 instead of all 3 forms. Looking in the "bob" directory shows that all
3 forms were created. Removing Form 1 and Form 3 from the directory results
in Form 2 being displayed in the drop-down forms menu. Apparently, the
software is only finding the 1st file and not looking any further.

I've spoken with the programmer who wrote the software and he says he used
the Int21h Service 12 function to populate the Forms drop-down menu. After
doing some testing, it appears that Samba isn't returning the "expected"
response to the Int21h Service 12 function. According to his documentation,
a call to Int21h Service 12 should put "0" in the AX register if there is
another file in the directory or "FF" in AX if there aren't anymore files.

2 questions:

Does it sound like I'm on the right track with the troubleshooting?

Has anyone else run into this problem and is there a fix or workaround?

I searched the mailing list archives on and dejanews without any
luck, although I did find a post on dejanews dated 12/17/1999 describing a
problem someone is having with the "touch" utility that MAY be related
under the subject line: Problem with "touch.exe" under Smb 2.0.6.

Any help or insight would be much appreciated. TIA


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