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Stefano Colombo s_colombo at iol.it
Fri Jan 14 13:04:25 GMT 2000

I've been suggested to get some logs and give a brief description of the
problem I'm encountering with Cadds5 / Samba 2.0.6 and offer them to you ,
via http or ftp , to try to find a solution

I 've collected the logs , can I send them with a description of the problem

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You wrote:
| CADDS5 seems to use a proprietary way to list files and directory
| ,and after samba's upgrade it doesn't work anymore.

	Ok, what you might want to do to help the team is
	1) turn logging up to 10 for a particular client
	2) use tcpdump to snoop a CADD5 session.

	The logs and packet dumps, plus a short and very clear
	description of what happens on the client when cadd5
	tries to list a directory, should be usefull.

	Offer them (for ftp or http picku) on the samba at samba.org
	list, so more people will see them and be able to contribute.

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