Possible bug: 'all new dirptrs in use?'

Mauk van der Laan mauk at maatwerk.net
Fri Jan 14 11:08:22 GMT 2000


Two users on a network runing Samba 2.05a and Win95 OSR2
clients have a problem that occurs several times a month,
always near the end of the day. If they open a samba share,
it doesn't show any files. The logfile says:

[2000/01/10 18:03:06, 0] smbd/dir.c:dptr_create(453)
dptr_create: returned 0: Error - all new dirptrs in use ?

Apparently bitmap_find() (dir.c, line 450) wraps around
to 0 while it is expected to return a value higher than 255.
It seems to me that bitmap_find() (file lib/bitmap.c,
line 94) does the wrong thing in this particular case.
It looks for free bits starting at an offset, but when it
reaches the end of the bitmap it wraps to 0. But for this
particular call, it should restart from 256.

My two users use Word and Excel very frequently and they
store files in a lot of different directories. The fact that
they are the only ones with the problem and that it occurs
near the end of the day seems consistent with my observation.

Modifying the code is too involved for me, however. Could
anyone with more knowledge of this code look into the problem?

Mauk van der Laan

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