Interesting behaviour of Win2k explorer with Samba 2.0.6

Chris Maltby chris at
Fri Jan 14 04:20:57 GMT 2000

We've recently added a win2k (rc2) system to our local network and
have noticed some strange behaviour with explorer on that system
when samba network drives are attached.

If you examine a local drive, or one exported from an NT4 server,
explorer behaves as expected (I won't say "normally"...). But when
you examine a drive which is exported from a samba server (we run 2.0.6)
the explorer process starts to burn CPU time. It doesn't generate any
anomalous network traffic, and it's not due to symlink loops. When you
return the focus to a local drive the CPU burning stops.

Is this a devious attempt by our uncle Bill to make samba servers look
much worse than others for Win2k clients, or is this a (known?) protocol
problem with Samba 2.0.6?

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