How to force Windows 95 to use specific Domain?

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Thu Jan 13 19:10:24 GMT 2000

Giulio, hi!

Thank you for your reply. I've already had set this up in the policy.
That works fine as long as the user uses a valid domain-name. In cases
the user types in a nonexisting domain-name (e.g. zzashgsvy), he is
always able to login the computer without using a valid user/passwd
pair. He doesn't have network access then, but he is able to use

Any ideas?


On Fri, 14 Jan 2000 04:27:40 +1100, giulioo at wrote:

>>access control to the network, everyone have to authenticate against
>>our samba server. Now the following problem occurs: When somebody
>>enters another domain name in the login-mask's domain-field, the person
>>can easily use this PC with all users/password combinations.
>>Does somebody know, how to turn off the login-mask's
>>domain-name/workgroup field, so that the system will always use the
>>name I' ve defined in system policies???
>There is a policy setting to force the win9x to logon to the network
>pdc. If you enable this win9x won't let anyone enter unless they
>authenticate against a pdc.
>However, a smart user can boot win9x in safe mode, edit the registry and
>remove your policy setting.

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