Too many open files when using clearcase

Donald Koch koch at
Wed Jan 12 22:38:42 GMT 2000

OBackus at said:
>   I'm using samba 2.0.6 for clearcase interoperation between Unix and
> NT, and while it works great 99% of the time, I run into a problem
> whenever I do a complete build on an NT system,  which involves
> compiling ~1500 files. The first 1100 or so are compiled correctly,
> but then the following  errors show up on the NT box: 

The problem is that one samba process is handling all the files and
clearcase/NT is keeping the files open.  The default maximum number of
open files under Solaris is 1024.  You can either:

  - crank the limit up by using ulimit before starting samba, or
  - crank down the number of Mnodes on both free lists
    (we have ours set to 800).


OBackus at said:
> [vobstore]
> 	path = /vobstore
> 	read only = No 

I would add "oplocks = False" to your config.  I've also found
complaints in the log file about the socket option IPTOS_LOWDELAY
being unknown; you might want to remove it just to reduce your
log file size.

Don Koch
koch at
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