File Locking

Savage, Steve SteveS at
Wed Jan 12 18:59:40 GMT 2000

I am the administrator of a small single server WinNT domain with 30 Win98
users.  We have a small program called Quote Writer, based on a dbase
compatible, which must be run centrally from the server.  When ever one of
the users accesses the program it puts a big strain on the network's
performance, if 3 users use it, we have all sorts of problems.  So to solve
this problem I setup Samba 2.0.5 on Caldera OpenLinux 2.3.

This is what works, "Everyone" can fully access the samba share from both NT
and 98.  They can add, write, execute, and delete any files anyone creates
from any workstation.  So the samba server is working great for file
sharing.  But as I mentioned earlier, I need to use samba to host a database

When you open a "quote" the Quote Writer program: locks the database files,
creates a new locked temporary directory, and copies the database files to
the new directory to be worked on.  Normally when you close the "quote",
Quote Writer: unlocks the files and deletes this new directory.  Not on the
samba server.  It leaves the quote's database files locked and does not
remove the new locked temporary directory.

I did a search on your website on file locking.  I found quite a few
archives from other users who seemed to have been having similar problems
with databases.  But I couldn't find any solutions.

Any help on this would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time, Steve

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