UNIX file permissions and Windows 95

Karsten Patzwaldt karsten at berlin.sfai.edu
Wed Jan 12 15:22:01 GMT 2000

Hi there!

I have a problem that I couldn´t find an answer on, even after searching
the web for hours. We have a Samba server here, serving Windows NT and
Windows 95 clients. The problem is that I couldn´t figure out how to
change UNIX file permissions from a Windows 95 client. When using
Windows NT, I have the dialog where I can normally configure the ACLs
and which is just fine for UNIX permissions as well. But on Windows 95,
I couldn´t find something similar. Is there an addition that makes it
possible to easily change persmissions with Windows 95? I´d use rlogin
and do it with chmod, but there are some people here who just don´t want
to care about things like that.

Hopefully I´m not just stupid or blind :)

	-- Karsten

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