enoying prompting for password

Knut Hintzen knut at uni-bonn.de
Wed Jan 12 09:54:02 GMT 2000


What I need is mounting a samba-device without prompting for password to
a NT-machine.
Silent Mounting from a NT-device works well.
On mounting the samba device I first get the message "wrong password".
If I enter the
Password in the dialog box, it is ok.

I use samba 2.0.6, password encryption disabled, NT Plain Password = yes
(on all machines), 
Security = server or domain, the samba machine (Linux) is member of the

What can I do to avoid the dialog box? 
Or why cant I avoid the dialog box?

I dont want to use security = share

Best Regards
Knut Hintzen, Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
University of Bonn knut at uni-bonn.de

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