cups, samba and print queue....

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Wed Jan 12 07:54:22 GMT 2000

> Tbsky,
 > What we have experienced here is that IP printing is fast enough that
 > the job disappears from the print queue and is spooled on the printer
 > before the print queue command is processed. We have two types of
 > printers here, IP and Appletalk (please don't ask why), and the jobs on
 > the Appletalk printers, for which there is a filter which takes much
 > longer to print, show up in the Windows print manager window. The jobs
 > on the IP printers don't.

   mmmm. i think my logic is very simple:

   what i can see with "lpstat" or "lpq" on samba server,
   i should also see them at windows client.
   because samba act this way, am i wrong ?

   if i have ten jobs waiting for printing on the samba server,
   i use lpstat can see them, so windows client should see them also.
   but with cups and samba i can not.

   in fact, if i use "printing = bsd" and tune the printing parameters
   instead of "printing = cups". i can see the queue status at windows
   but the informations are not all correct (ie. like the job id is
   because samba doesn't understand the cups lpq command output...

   yes maybe i can use some script to tune the lpq command output
   to suit samba..

   but why do this when we have "printing = cups " ??

   Best Regrads,

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