A strong case for IPX support in Samba and smbfs

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Tue Jan 11 14:18:23 GMT 2000

From:   Josh Hoffmann <joshhfmn at stny.rr.company> wrote:
> I would benefit from IPX support in both Samba and smbfs.
> I subscribe to Road Runner, a cablemodem service run by Time Warner
> Cable.  The cablemodem hooks up to an ethernet hub.  The ethernet hub is
> hooked to three computers.  One of those computers runs Windows 98.  The
> other two can dual boot between Windows 98 and Linux.  TCP/IP works
> perfectly on all the computers, in both Win98 and Linux (Redhat 6.1).

Step 1, Get a LINUX box with two NIC cards.  An old 486 with 16M of RAM is
more than adequate for this.

Configure it as a Firewall/Router.  If you add I.P. Masquerade to it, you
can eliminate having to pay for more than one I.P. address from your Cable
Modem supplier.

Step 2.  Remove the Hub from the Cable Modem and connect up the LINUX router
to the Cable Modem instead.

Step 3.  Connect up the HUB to the second NIC card on the LINUX router.

You do not want to share an internal network with a cable modem.  (Or any
other device that gives a similar connection to the Internet)

You want a dedicated point that only allows the traffic that you desire.
This is both to protect yourself from bad people out there, and to not send
garbage out on the Cable network, wasting everyones bandwidth.

LANMAN protocols such as SAMBA or Windows should never be allowed to reach a
Cable Modem.

wb8tyw at qsl.network

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