samba conf file

Jeremy M. Dolan jeremy at
Tue Jan 11 04:45:34 GMT 2000

Sorry to bug the list with something that might seem trivial, but I
was wondering what is the current position on all the synonyms allowed
in smb.conf's? Pardon my french but it's /fucking/ driving me insane
trying to configure samba when every time I read a samba config file,
I have to look up what the synonyms are for that config directive, and
make sure it is the same behaviour and not slightly differant. Hence,
it takes me three times longer to learn the writeable directive,
because I also need to remember write ok, and read only. I really
really really *really* think these need to be phased out. Also, maybe
a complete listing on the web page for easy referance until that time,
so I can keep the rest of my sanity.

Please Cc me in on the replies, as im not on this list.


Jeremy M. Dolan
Systems Administrator
AxisTangent & Technologies

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