Samba printing problems with HP 5M Color

Jerry Dennington jdennington at
Mon Jan 10 10:44:21 GMT 2000

We are using Samba 2.0.6, VA redhat 6.0 on a VA server and are having problems.
Using Window$ 95/98 printing to an HP 5M color printer. It will send the job to
the printer but it seems to lock up the Windows client untill the job
completes. I changed printer drivers to the PCL only and that seemed to help
but it is still not right. Also When you try and get a printer status from
Windows (by double clicking the printer in Printers) it shows the name of the
printer and then: <refreshing> or <paused>. All of my HP5SI black and whites
are working good. Please help if you have any suggestions.


Jerry Dennington
Giant Industries, Inc.
System Administrator
"Can't we all just use Linux?"

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