Browsing Win95 workgroups across subnets

Drenning Bruce bdrenni at
Mon Jan 10 15:00:40 GMT 2000

This is an off-topic post, but I figure this is the best place to get a
netbios browsing ? answered...

We're running 1 NT domain with WINS. NT domain controllers. Samba
authentication via domain. Multiple subnets. All browsing, name resolution,
etc works perfectly for the domain.

However, we aren't putting the domain name in as the Windows workgroup on
the 95 PCs. We're using the department names. This makes some of our
administration tasks (inventory, software pushes, etc) easier. The problem
is that we can't see the Windows workgroups across subnets. I realize these
are just broadcasts that won't cross the routers, but if there is a simple
work around that I've overlooked, I'm all ears.

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