Problems with the 2.0.6 release ....

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Fri Jan 7 11:13:00 GMT 2000

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000 21:41:50 +1100, hai scritto:

>we are trying to upgrade from 2.0.5a to 2.0.6 (under Digital Unix and 
>Windows 95 clients). After the upgrade we get a lot of errors like 
>Jan  4 16:18:35 samba_server smbd[31799]:   Failed to set uid 
>privileges to (0,3909) n
>ow set to (3909,3909)

as root.

Then check that include/config.h is appropriate for your system (as
regards to seteuid stuff):

on linux2.2.x/glibc2.1 I have
/* #undef USE_SETEUID */
/* #undef USE_SETREUID */
/* #undef USE_SETUIDX */

on linux2.0.x/libc5 I have
#define USE_SETEUID 1
/* #undef USE_SETRESUID */
/* #undef USE_SETREUID */
/* #undef USE_SETUIDX */

if configure fails to chose the right definitions for your system,
correct them yourself before make.

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