Printing using a different NT account

Tim Henrion thenrion at
Thu Jan 6 20:02:27 GMT 2000

We are having a problem printing from a Sun machine to NT using Samba.  The
NT admins would like us to use an account other than the Guest account for
printing so that they can disable the Guest account.  The printer scripts
have been changed to add the -U UNIXPRT option, but no matter what syntax we
try to use, the -U option is ignored and the connection is made via the
Guest account.  I have tried all of the following:

smbclient //ntserver/printer1 -UUNIXPRT -N -P    (when UNIXPRT did not have
a password)
smbcliebt //ntserver/printer1 -UUNIXPRT%PASSWORD -N -P
smbcliebt //ntserver/printer1 -UUNIXPRT%PASSWORD -P

The result of all of the above is a login into the Guest account for

I have also tried smbcliebt //ntserver/printer1 -UUNIXPRT -P so that it
would prompt me for a password.  Typing anything at the password prompt logs
you into the Guest account.  Changing the account name to something invalid
also connects to the Guest account.

The version of samba is 1.9.18p10.

Any help is appreciated.

Tim Henrion
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Unix Operations
(314) 512-3441

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