Backups from NT?

Scott McGillivray McGillivrayS at
Thu Jan 6 19:54:29 GMT 2000


I've got a Samba server set up as a member (not a domain controller) of an
NT domain.  I'm using Backup Exec on an NT server to back up all of my
servers over the network, and want to include my Samba server in the backup
scheme.  I'm using the /home directory as the root for all of my samba
shares (/home/users/clyde, /home/shared/dept.x, etc).

In order to set up a backup routine, should I create a user share for the
backup system account and map it to the /home directory?  This seems like it
would make the most sense, but I wanted to make sure there aren't any issues
I'm not taking into consideration here.

Is anybody doing this currently?  If so, what fun surprises do I have in
store as I set this up?  I'd like to put this server into production, but
need to make sure I can pull a backup before I move my users' data to it.
I'd love to hear any suggestions....

Thanks a lot,

Scott McGillivray
Network Administrator 
Ann Arbor District Library
mcgillivrays at

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