"Text file busy" error on perl scripts

Alex Fournier alex.fournier at cescom.ca
Thu Jan 6 16:48:08 GMT 2000


I use samba 2.0.6 to access and edit Perl scripts on a RedHat 6.1 machine using my text editor (have used both MultiEdit and
Often, but not always, the text files I manipulate with my editors will be made unavailable to be executed as a Perl scripts,
giving me the "Text file busy" error on my Linux machine.

After a search on Deja.com I found that setting share mode = no in smb.conf was a workaround although it's not recommended in by
the samba documentation.

Any ideas as to why the share mode could have this effect on the files?
Any better fixes than not supporting share modes?

Thanks,   Alex.

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