NetBIOS scope and local browse master sync

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Thu Jan 6 02:22:44 GMT 2000

Hello everyone -- a few days ago, I posted a bug report (as instructed by 
samba-bugs), and was wondering if anyone was able to confirm it -- being a 
relative samba novice, and a definite source code novice, I have to make sure 
that what I *think* that I see (the fact that samba has a bug in that it 
doesn't use the configured NetBIOS scope ID when it tries to sync browser 
lists on becoming a local master browser) is true.  If it's not true, then I 
need to get our network/firewall guys involved in this...

All that being said, I've captured a lot of packets in my day, and the node 
status packets that samba's sending out when it's starting to try to become 
local master browser *definitely* don't have the scope ID properly specified.

Thanks a ton in advance; I appreciate any help that can be given on this.  
(I've sent this to the samba and samba-ntdom lists, as I'm not exactly sure 
which it falls under -- apologies in advance if this isn't kosher.)

Jason Levine

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