cant rename directories on NT

Lars Rikart Jensen lrj at
Wed Jan 5 21:54:32 GMT 2000

Hi Herbert

It looks like everything is working now.

I got a disk error about a non existing inode at some point. After a xfs_repair
on the gfx disk (where I had to delete lost+found due to xfs_repair exiting with
an error).

I believe the error was due to inconsistencies on the unix filesystem for the
samba share.

If you want I can generate a log-file tomorrow anyway....

Thanks for your prompt help.

Lars Rikart
e-mail: lrj at

Herb Lewis <herb at> on 05-01-2000 21:49:41

To:   Lars Rikart Jensen/ITE/DK at ITE

Subject:  Re: cant rename directories on NT

Lars Rikart Jensen wrote:
> Hi Herbert
> Here goes debug10 log's and smb.conf
> Lars Rikart
> e-mail: lrj at

Your smb.conf says to have a different log file for each machine. I
need the log.<machinename> for the machine you used to try the
directory rename.

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