Printing with lpr or lprng without two copy

Risko Gergely risko at
Wed Jan 5 06:40:11 GMT 2000


We're using samba to manage our HP LaserJet 8000, which is a very fast and
high capable printer. So we need the best performance, when we
printing. The problem is when samba receive a file for printing it's
copying the file to a tmp directory, and after that the lpr is copying
this file out to its own spool directory. For example, where a 300M
printing job is arriving from a windows it'll go to the /tmp. And after
the full network job finished samba run the print command (the recommended
lpr -P%p %s) and this command copy this file once too.

I probed the lpr -s -r -P%p %s command, but it isn't deleting the file
from /tmp after the printing. It only deletes the symlink from lpr's spool

So how can I make a printing scheme, which only copies files from windows
to the server and after the copy the printing immeaditely starts?

The security isn't important, because it's a closed network without
internet connection, and all of the people are good. ;-)

	Debian 2.1
	samba 1.9.18 (but I can install the freshest 2.0.6)
	lpr 0.33 (0.46 is available)
	kernel 2.0.36 (2.2.13 available)


Thank you for yours helping,
Risko Gergely

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