cant rename directories on NT

Lars Rikart Jensen lrj at
Tue Jan 4 21:42:17 GMT 2000

Everything is working perfect on win95 but from NT4:

I can create, delete and rename files
I can create and delete directories

I can't rename created directories from the NT4 workstations on the network. And
this is a big problem since NT4 creates a "New Folder" and asks you to type in
the name you want.

I have a 2.0.6 distribution on a SGI Origin200 Irix6.4 server. I need to have
everybody to have access and have set it up as a "security = shared" in sbm.conf

I have during the last two days
- updated to sp6a
- made the registry setting for non-encrypted passwords
- tried the diagnostics
- read all documentation
- searched through the samba archives
- updated the Irix6.4 to latest patch release

I have not yet tried to downgrade...and I have not tried other "security"
settings than shared.

This must be a bug or?

Lars Rikart Jensen
e-mail: lrj at

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