Account management...newbie question

John J. LeMay Jr. jlemay at
Tue Jan 4 13:57:56 GMT 2000

I think what you want to do is set security=server and set the password
server to the name of your PDC or a local BDC (if your PDC is located at a
remote site). 

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Scott McGillivray wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm currently in the process of piloting a Samba server for file/print in a
> Windoze NT network.  I'm using Samba 2.0.5 on Caldera OpenLinux 2.3  I've
> been managing Windows networks for quite a while, but Linux/Samba is new to
> me.  
> What I want to know is:  Other than making my Samba server a domain
> controller, is there a relatively easy way to import my existing user
> accounts (and administrative groups) from my NT network into my Linux box?
> I don't have a huge user base (only 300 or so) but don't relish the thought
> of having to create all of those users again, twice if you count smbpasswd.
> If possible, I'd like to use something that's either web-based or runs on
> the command line so I don't have to install X on the server.  I know that
> might not be possible, but I thought I'd ask... ;)
> Since I'd want to use the Samba to serve users' home directories and
> departmental shares, this is kind of important.  I'd be willing to do the
> daily account administration if I could get an initial dump from NT, but
> would rather not have to make things so complicated.  
> Any help at all would be...well, helpful.  Please feel free to email me if
> I've been unclear about this.
> Thanks,
> Scott
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> Scott McGillivray
> Network Administrator
> Ann Arbor District Library
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