Samba and Win98

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Tue Jan 4 04:46:26 GMT 2000

At 05:10 a 04-01-2000 +1100, you wrote:
> >In the diagnostics, I can get to test #5, which is the nmblookup -B ACLIENT
> >'*'.  It fails with name_query failed to find name *.
>do you have
>ip.of.aclient ACLIENT
>in /etc/hosts

It's there..  Been there from the beginning..

> >I don't have a local LAN yet.  This is trying to go over the Internet, from
> >one box to the other, which happen to be in the same room, sharing the same
> >Internet connection through a hub, which is @Home Cable Internet.
>Check if the ip/netmask of the 2 systems are in the same subnet.
>Maybe @Home filter netbios traffic?

This I know already, they are different subnets.  One is, 
the other is

I've noticed the Linux box was sending requests to and the 
firewall on the Win98 box has been trapping netbios to/from  I tried adding new rules to allow that IP, but it doesn't 
seem to work.  Maybe it's the firewall program itself, but even with the 
firewall completely disabled, still nothing happens.  Maybe @Home does 
filter them..

If they do filter, is there any way I could get around this?  It would be a 
lot easier to use file shares rather than FTPing back and forth.  Or am I 
out of luck and will have to wait till I replace Win98 with Linux then make 
use of NFS?

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