Followup to NetBIOS scope/domain browse list bug (not a solution)

Jason Levine's List Subscription jlists at
Mon Jan 3 23:11:23 GMT 2000

So, a few updates, after a little more legwork:

First, samba 2.0.6 doesn't fix the problem.  I didn't think that it would, as 
(a) the change log didn't mention anything about it, and (b) the CVS system 
didn't mention anything about it on the few spots that I intuited I may find 
such a note if it WERE fixed.

Second, after trawling through the CVS and source, I think I may know where 
the problem is; that being said, I can't write C to save my life, and can 
barely READ C, so I could be totally off on this one.

It looks to me that, in nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c, the function 
find_domain_master_name_query_success is where the problem's at.  The lines:

  /* Now initiate the node status request. */
  memset((char *)&nmbname, '\0',sizeof(nmbname));[0] = '*';

look to me to be where the NMB packet is built that is used to do the node 
status query; it looks like the nmbname.scope should ALSO be set here.

Again, I can read C (and follow includes and structure definitions in C) about 
as well as I can vocalize ancient Sanskrit, so I may be completely off on 
this.  (I just wanted to contribute what I could, since I sure can't FIX the 

Thanks again in advance.


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