SAMBA digest 2363

Patrick_Scannell at Patrick_Scannell at
Mon Jan 3 20:44:21 GMT 2000

Date:   Sun, 2 Jan 2000 18:55:12 +0100
From:   "Wout de Jong" <woutdejong at>
To:     <samba at>
Subject: samba & dns


I encountered the following problem:

First I installed samba-server (1.9.18, supplied with Red Hat 5.2) and
everything worked fine. Then I added a DNS (named) at the same machine,
as an experiment. Now samba became
unfriendly. The DNS seems to perform very well (nslookup), so I guess
nothing is wrong with /etc/resolv.conf. Also, no other smbds have been
started. Then I performed the 10 tests. On test 3 I got the "unfriendly"
message. Testparm didn't find any errors. Nmblookup also reported no
errors."smbclient '\\<server>\<dir>'" failed, as did "net view \\<server>"
and "net use x: \\<server>\<dir>". (Error 54: "The network is currently
processing other requests or is out of resources. Try again later, or
your network configuration to be sure that enough network resources are

If a connection had been established before named was started, then I could
access my share without problems. (???)

It's a DNS problem.  If Samba can't do a reverse lookup on your client, it
generates an Error 54.
I'm no expert, but fixing DNS fixed that problem for me.


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