Bug with syncing browser lists with a NetBIOS scope ID in place

Jason Levine's List Subscription jlists at siphoto.com
Mon Jan 3 20:09:21 GMT 2000

Howdy all -- I have discovered a bug in samba (I'm running v2.0.5a) when a 
NetBIOS scope ID is being used.  Essentially, samba will use the configured 
scope ID for everything except for when nmbd tries to do a node status on the 
PDC as part of syncing the browser lists; when it does that node status, it 
does it *without* the scope ID, and it fails.

Our network consists of a main IP subnet which contains the primary domain 
controller, the WINS server, etc. on it, and then a few different IP subnets 
that also participate in the Windows networking domain.  The whole network has 
a single NetBIOS scope ID set, for internal security requirement reasons.  
Each of the different subnets, obviously, has to have a master browser on it; 
on one of them, that master browser is my samba box.

In terms of configuration, both of the daemons (smbd and nmbd) are started up 
with the "-i [scopeID]" option.  I have the samba box configured as the 
preferred master and to try to become a local master ("preferred master = yes" 
and "local master = yes").  When I start samba, nmbd (through its log file) 
tells me that it becomes the local master; 20 seconds later, it tells me that 
it was unable to sync browser lists.  The exact error in the log file:

[2000/01/03 15:35:20, 0] 
  Doing a node status request to the domain master browser
  for workgroup [our domain] at IP [our PDC IP] failed.
  Cannot sync browser lists.

When I do a network packet capture, the node status attempt doesn't use the 
scope ID at all, so of course, it fails.  (Of note, if I do a node status with 
nmblookup without a scope ID, the packet looks identical to the one that nmbd 
is sending out when it does the node status, and it fails; if I do the node 
status WITH the scope ID, then the packet shows that the scope ID is being 
used, and the node status succeeds.)

This is a pretty big problem... it means that I can't use a NetBIOS scope ID 
and have a samba box take over as master browser for a subnet.  Ugh!

I looked through the change notes for samba 2.0.6 and did not see a mention 
that this was known or fixed; I have sent this to the samba list as well as to 
samba-bugs, since I'm 99.9% sure that it's a bug, but if it's not, then I 
would love to know.

I'm on digest list mode, so if anyone has specific recommendations or 
questions, please feel free to email them to me at jlists at siphoto.com.

Thanks in advance!

Jason Levine

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