VMware hostonly networking

Bernhard Riegel (sdm) Bernhard.Riegel at sdm.de
Mon Jan 3 10:36:25 GMT 2000

I already wrote some lines about vmware with hostonly mode networking in
SAMBA digest 2339
(as far as samba is concerned).


> Date:   Sat, 18 Dec 1999 23:43:15 -0500
> From:   Dennis Boylan <dennis at lan.com>
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> Subject: VMware and host-only with Samba.
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> I've been using VMware just fine in bridging mode, but it breaks when I'm
> somewhere that will only give me 1 IP address.  To fix this problem, I've
> been looking at MASQUERADING and host-only mode networking.  My problem is
> that I don't see the NT domain stuff in this mode.  I've tried to put the
> WINS server setting in the DHCP configuration, but to no avail.  So, I'm
> looking for clues/suggestions on what I should do to make this configuration
> work.  There are a couple of limitations.  I can't change anything on the
> NT side (I'm not an admin).  The host-only network segment can not be
> routed (there are some places where I have no control over the routers).
> There will be multiple instances of the configuration on the network at any
> given time.
> Thanks,
>         Dennis Boylan
>         dennis at lan.com


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