Samba and Win98

B. Gowdridge thedefiant at
Mon Jan 3 07:24:12 GMT 2000

I'm having trouble getting file sharing to work between Linux and Win98.

I have the latest Samba, 2.0.5a, installed on my Linux box, which is 
currently running Red Hat 6.1.  I have two shares setup in Samba.  On my 
Win98 box, I have file/print sharing setup with two shares.

In the diagnostics, I can get to test #5, which is the nmblookup -B ACLIENT 
'*'.  It fails with name_query failed to find name *.

I can list shares for either box from the same box.  For example, Win98, 
Network Neighborhood lists itself and its shares, but it doesn't see the 
Linux box.  Samba lists it's own shares, but can't connect to the Win98 box.

I have a firewall running on the Win98 box and thought this could be the 
problem on more than one occasion.  The live log view doesn't show any 
connections from the Linux box, not even any attempts.  I've tried 
disabling the entire firewall, but that didn't help.

I don't have a local LAN yet.  This is trying to go over the Internet, from 
one box to the other, which happen to be in the same room, sharing the same 
Internet connection through a hub, which is @Home Cable Internet.

Can anyone offer any help to solve this problem..?

My two systems are:

Win98 Box:
Windows 98
PII 233
10Base-T NIC
Firewall blocking most ports under 1024, including fileshares from unknown 
systems (the Linux box IP is setup as allowed to connect)

Linux Box:
Red Hat 6.1
486 133
10Base-T NIC

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