smbd spawns

Dan O'Connor dan at
Sun Jan 2 20:42:50 GMT 2000

Well, I don't know what or why you're getting the error, but as for multiple
smbd daemons:

Samba spawns a new smbd to handle each connection. The first smbd acts
similar to inetd, accepting a connection and then spawning a new daemon to
handle the SMB traffic.

Oh, and smbd runs as root, and needs root access...


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Date: Sunday, January 02, 2000 8:00 AM
Subject: smbd spawns

>Stoped and restarted smbd and nmbd.
>Logged out of NT user account and logged back in.
>Tried to acces the shares on Linux
>The message box I get is,
> \\myhost\root is not accessible
> The handle is invalid.
>On Linux, now I see 2 processes of smbd running. Why is smbd spawning?
>Subba Rao
>subb3 at
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