Password server loop

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Sat Jan 1 16:16:12 GMT 2000

Hi Warren,
You will get this error if the name you have specified in the 'password 
server=' smb.conf entry resolves to your own ip address.  If you are using NIS, 
and resolving username/password info there, then you would use security=user, 
and would not have/need a password server =  entry....

Hope This Helps,
Don Mccall

>From Warren:

We are running Samba on a HP-UX system running NIS for both
host and UID/password resolution. When a client tries to access
the shares, in the client log file on the server we get the 
Password server loop - disable password server rcnfs  password
server not available.

The server is rcnfs and the clients are WindowsNT systems.
Can anyone shed any light on what might be causing this??


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