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Mac dmccann at
Tue Feb 8 10:06:20 GMT 2000

Hi there,

>When I copy an old file to a share the motification
>time is not changed. Ok, the file has not been
>modified but since it is new to this share I like
>to change it's time to the copy time!
>There MUST be an option to do this!But I haven't
>found it yet :(
>Can anyone help?

Most likely you don't own the file.

Only the owner of a file can change the timestamps on it.

If you're working in a share where you've got write permissions on a
file, but you don't own it, then you can modify it, but not change its

This at least is my experience. (samba 1.9.18p8, IRIX 5.3)

I 'fixed' it by using 'force user' in the configuration for the share so
that all operations are perfomred as the same user.  (obviously all the
files that are already in the share need to be changed to this owner).

This is not really a good solution if you wish to access the shared disk
from UNIX and have all the ownerships perserved though.

It works well for me.

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