Group Policies

G. Naik gaurav at
Sat Feb 5 21:18:20 GMT 2000

I am having trouble with Group Policies with an NT Workstation.  I did
some testing and user policies are working, however the group policy is
not working.  

It seems the latest HEAD samba cvs code, does not recongize the following

domain group map
local group map
domain users map

However, it does see username map, and i've tried a combination of things,
in the user name map, like 
staff = "staff"
@staff = staff
@staff = "staff"

However, the group policy still does not work.  

I am not using TNG, because HEAD is providing me with the functionality I
need, without problems so far.  

If anyone has any ideas or has group policies working your help will be
appreciated!  (I am using the latest HEAD code, with domain logons = yes,
enc pw=yes, roam profiles, etc ,etc).  

Gaurav Naik ("g")       | C A R R O L L - N E T, Inc.
201-488-1332            | 

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