Complex question concerning samba/networks

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Fri Feb 4 15:10:45 GMT 2000

OK, here is the situation. I have a total of 7 machines all on a LAN
(two are W95) 5 are Linux RH6.1/Samba 2.0.6. One of the machines
is a guest machine with an ip of the rest are all on
192.168.1.X. I have run samba for a long time and thought I knew
what I am doing. The machine with the separate IP address will
not show up on the Network Neighborhood no matter what I do.
I can however find it, and mount it under W95.
To narrow this down all machines can ping, traceroute, telnet
,ftp, web to each other. In other words I know my routing is
99% good. (except for that part).
testparm passes on all smb.confs of every machine despite
my adding interfaces, remote sync, remote announce, WINS
server or client, WINS proxy, DNS proxy.

Also I can smbclient access the separate machine just fine
from the Linux boxen, but not do an nmblook -d 2 '*' will
not show the lone machine?

The only thing I havent tried yet is an smbmount but I suspect
that will work as well and doesnt resolve why this doesnt show
up in the Network Neighborhood.

This isnt critical but it is an itch, what am I missing. I know
I could just re-IP the machine but now I am curious.

Henri J. Schlereth
henris at

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