pre2.0.7 disk quota bug:

jeremy at jeremy at
Fri Feb 4 14:57:53 GMT 2000

> 	Since an 'over-quota' or 'disk-full' message is being sent from
> Samba to
> the client, it seems obvious that the client _should_ be passing this info.
> on to the user -- but it isn't.  One possible way to get this info. to the 
> client is for Samba to call a shell script similar to the 'preexec' options
> if
> quota is exceeded. The script could then invoke smbclient to send a
> WinPopUp message to the client.
> 	Myself, I use the 'preexec' and 'postexec' options to call login and
> logout scripts from the [homes] share.  The login script (amongst other
> tasks) constructs a message showing the users current disk usage and
> quota and uses smbclient to send this to the client as a  WinPopUp
> message.
> 	As I've said before on this list, Samba should have the option to
> call
> a script for every significant sharing event, including opening and closing
> files, entering and leaving subdirectories etc.

This is what the vfs layer is for, being put into HEAD

We don't wan t more "special" options to do this stuff,
it's too complicated as it is.


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