[SUMMARY] incorrect password in Windows 98

Peter Boikov Blajev pblajev-it.pl at btc.bg
Fri Feb 4 08:56:13 GMT 2000

Hi all,

Sorry for the delayed summary. Much thanks to the following people for
taking the time to respond:
Jonh P. Nelson and Andreas Grupp.

The solution of the problem was very simple.
Nelson wrote:
Windows NT with SP 3 or later and Windows 98 do not allow unencrypted
passwords without a registry patch.  Apply the patch (from the Samba docs
directory): Win98_PlainPassword.reg to each Win98 system.
  (The patch is included in the SAMBA distribution)
Alternatively, use encrypted passwords on your Samba system.  See
ENCRYPTION.txt for more information.  Of course, this means that you can't
use the unix password file anymore (since NT password encryption and Unix
password encryption are incompatible).
This works for me.

My original question:
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    Hi all
    I installed Samba release 2.0.6 11 Nov 1999 on my HP-UX 10.20 box.
    All workstations with Windows 95 work fine, but when I try to connect from 
Windows 98 client I recive the message that the password is incorrect.
   Is there someting special to configure for Windows 98 clients.
   Excuse me for poor English.

   Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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